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The world of the electric guitar is rich in ordinary legends, stories of rediscovered treasures, of instruments from the last century, now iconic, which were put away, forgotten, then rediscovered by chance a few generations later. The name "Attic" that we gave to our amp, is inspired by these old musical instruments, with a particular destiny, found after having crossed decades under cover. The Attic is an amp designed to cross eras and musical genres.

The Attic is a modern designed, vintage-sounding tube driven guitar amp. 

It is designed and assembled in France, from start to finish by us. The best components available are used.

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It offers a very wide range of sounds and easy-to-use and effective controls. all with an ideal format and power for playing at home, in the studio, in rehearsal, or even on stage with the appropriate miking.

It's a bit like having several amps in one.

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We've made the Attic sound just as good at low volume as it does at high volume. You can plug your favorite effects into the instrument input or into the active effects loop located on the top and specially calibrated for pedals. The Attic also has an optional spring reverb.


The power amp part of the Attic is in class A single ended typology, which favors the even order harmonics which are responsible for the coveted "warm" sound of the tubes. We chose to use a 6CA7 power tube. The latter combines the punch of an EL34 with the more balanced equalization of a 6L6.

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For controls we have a pre-gain section : a Drive pot adjusts the preamp's gain level and allows you to obtain clean, crunch or lead sounds. The three-position switch called Tilt adjusts the bass / treble balance in pregain and therefore has an influence on the sound textures and the more or less precise character of the amp.

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The EQ section consists of two potentiometers and two two-position switches. The Focus pot reduces bass and favors high mids. The Sheen potentiometer adjusts the treble and presence. The Bold switch boosts bass and low mids while magnifying the sound. The Punch switch boosts the high mids. These settings make it easy for the guitarist to find his place in a band's mix or on the contrary to have a full and spacious sound.


  • Single channel combo amp.

  • All-tube dry signal.

  • Power: 10W RMS clean, 15W RMS max (crunch).

  • Three tubes in the preamp: 7025 (EH), 12AX7 (Tungsol), 12AY7 (JJ)

  • Power amp: one 6CA7 (JJ) fixed bias, single ended class A. An EL34 can be used without modification.

  • Speaker: Eminence Legend V128, 12 inches, 8 Ohms. Another speaker can be instaled if you wish. We like the Celestion G12M65 creamback in it as well.

  • The Cabinet is made entirely by us in our workshop. In solid larch wood, it is oiled and waxed finished.

  • Spring Reverb (optional): 2 springs, long decay. In parallel with the effects loop. Driven by an op amp, mixed by tube V3 (12AY7). Warm voiced.

  • Active effects loop: Ultra transparent, buffered, it is switched out of the amp circuit when the loop is not in use (with no cable in the jacks). Level: -6dBV max. (Adequate for pedals).

  • Weight: 17kg (with reverb option).

  • We offer different color options for the wood as well as the grillcloth, control plate and knobs. The look is "customizable" at will.


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