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The «New Paradigm» dynamic overdrive is our first product. We have betted on this unique design, engineered with very high expectations regarding tone, polyvalence, and build quality, to present our young brand to the world of guitar players and guitar aficionados.
The circuit is designed to allow the player to dial in the perfect drive setting : from mild boost to amp-like dynamic distortion or sweet sustaining overdrive, and everything in between. The «New Paradigm» dynamic overdrive is the perfect tool to increase the ranges of tones from your amp while respecting its original character.

Every «New Paradigm» dynamic overdrive is hand-built with care in Paris, France, using only the best quality components available, thus guarantying you your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.


Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks. Power supply : 9V DC adapter Jack (standard Boss type), the pedal can also be powered with an internal 9V battery (PP3/006P). Current consumption : 60 mA (MAX) approx.

The green side of the «New Paradigm» overdrive features 3 potentiometers for OUTPUT level, DRIVE, and HI-CUT which acts as a presence control. It also features 3 tone shaping switches : a bass, a resonance and a brightness switch, for tremendous tonal polyvalence.  The pedal is activated via a true bypass footswitch.

The orange side of the «New Paradigm» overdrive adds a pre-gain stage to the pedal’s circuit. This stage enables more tonal combinations and can be activated via its dedicated footswitch. It features a PRE-GAIN control and a full/mid switch.


Whilst the green side of the pedal is reminiscent of a tube amp, the orange side can be considered as more classic «overdrive-like» sounding, adding sustain while still retaining your guitar’s  dynamics extremely well.
Combining and mixing PRE-GAIN and DRIVE will allow different tone flavors. To use the orange side for a more classic overdrive sound : back down the DRIVE on the green side and crank up the PRE-GAIN.

Note : The last version of the  "New Paradigm" now features 3 positions switches (instead of 2 positions) on the green side for more sound shaping possibilities.


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