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At AMI Effects, we like to design pedals that bring something new to the world of guitar effects. We like to offer versatile pedals without sacrificing sound quality.
The Old School Universal Fuzz did not escape the usual long process of research and design. Only this time we benefited from the valuable advices and the fine ears of Joris, author of the website Overdrive Familly, dedicated to Overdrive, distortion and fuzz boxes. He brought his experience and vision to design the perfect fuzz that we had in mind.
Don’t be fooled by its vintage look, the Old School Universal Fuzz has more than one trick in its bag. It pays tribute to its big sisters of the 60s, but also offers many additional sounds, filling the gaps between treble booster, overdrive and fuzz sounds.
Thanks to its Germanium and Silicon hybrid construction, it adapts to many amplifier/guitar configurations and musical styles.



Every Old School Universal Fuzz is hand-built with care in Paris, France, using only the best quality components available, thus guaranteeing your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.


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The Old School Universal Fuzz features four knobs and two mini switches. The left part: FUZZ, BIAS, ATTACK, allows you to set the desired texture. From clean tones and punchy dynamic overdrive to compressed fuzz.

The right part: PRESENCE, VOLUME, LOWS sets the output volume and the bass/treble equalization of the pedal. It allows you to dial in a mid focused tone or something more open and bright.


The Old School features two footswitches, the left one : ACTIVE, is a true bypass on/off switch and the right one activates the FAT mode, adding gain, medium frequencies and output volume at any setting.
The Pedal also features  a LEVEL internal potentiometer, adjustable with a small flat screwdriver. It allows you to adjust the volume of the non-Fat mode relative to the Fat mode.

Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks. Power supply : 9V DC adapter Jack. 2,1mm Center negative (Boss type).
The pedal can also be powered with an internal 9V battery (PP3/006P). Current consumption : 9 mA (MAX) approx.



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