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Custom pedalboard cables

Custom-made patch cables for your pedalboard! Our patch cables are assembled by us to the dimensions you want.

Features :

Solder assembled cables with compact Rean (Neutrik) connectors. 

Instrument cable diameter 5mm with copper conductors and low capacitance.

Available individually or in packs of 6 (with 6 lengths to choose from).


Choose between the three size ranges S, M or L then tell us in the comments of your order the dimensions you want to the nearest centimeter. For example for a 10cm cable choose S and tell us "1 x 10cm". This is the useful measurement between the axes of the two jack connectors.

For a set of 6 indicate for example "2x10cm 2x16cm 1x20cm and 1x28cm".


Design your pedalboard, measure the lengths you need with a tape measure and add 1 or 2 cm to have a little slack.

Custom pedalboard cables

  • Our pedalboard cables are guaranteed for 5 years. It's solid!

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