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Being creative today in the world of amplification is a challenge we love to take on at AMI. The Panorama pays homage to Californian and English amplifiers of the sixties while asserting its own identity. We wanted it to be easy to use but also full of character, which is why we developed our own circuit which offers an astonishing range of adjustments. The Panorama offers a new approach, beyond continents, a true sound exploration.


To find out more, visit our dedicated page:


We offer this amp with or without 1x12" or 2x12" baffle, as well as in the standard 6V6GT - 16W version or in the "Plus" KT77 -30W version.


We chose the Celestion V-type speaker which pairs very well with the Panorama. We can of course install the speaker of your choice if you wish.


Different customization options are available on request: choice of wood color, grillcloth, color of the control plate and buttons.


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