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   We have been wanting to add a clean boost pedal to our effects line for a while, but as always we wanted it to be perfect and different than what is out there. We wanted a clean boost that could gently color the sound or that could remain crystal clear even when you hit it whith a high output humbucker equipped guitar. An ultra transparent boost that retains the character of your beloved guitars and amps.

     We have achieved this by using an audio transformer for the output coupling, and designing an internal power supply that allows a very high headroom. We have added a pre-gain circuit that can be used to add warmth and sustain. This is the perfect studio quality boost for guitars in a pedal format.

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     The BOOST feature of the Rough Cast offers up to +20 dB of pure clean boost without saturation. Even with an input signal of a few volts. Therefore, it can keep all the nuances and dynamics of your guitar, whatever it’s pickups output. It is a focused and punchy boost that keeps the bass frequencies tight and percussive.
    We have added a PRE gain feature to the pedal. It adds volume whilst gently coloring your tone. Warmth and harmonic distortion are progressively added to thicken the tone of your guitar.

     You can dose the amount of BOOST in relation to the PRE to sculpt your tone and find the perfect balance between warmth and dynamics.

     The B.T potentiometer completes the picture with an EQ control. Whilst the sound is uncolored when it is set at noon it can add body or chime to the final tone of the pedal if wanted.

     We have worked on the input section of the Rough Cast to enhance your guitar’s ability to clean up with the use of its volume knob. Both the volume curve and the frequency response in the high end will be subtly improved when rolling back the volume on your guitar.

Caracteristics :

Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks.
Power supply : 9V DC adapter Jack.
Current consumption : 80mA (MAX) approx.
True bypass footswitch and bright purple LED.

Every Rough Cast is hand-built with care in Paris, France, using only the best quality components available, thus guarantying your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.


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