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     A Treble Booster you say? Why would you need more treble? Anyone that has ever plugged into a TB knows that it does a little bit more than what the name suggests. History has shown that they are the perfect tool to push an already cooking tube amp into blisteringly loud but creamy distortion. The sound is tight and warm with an intricate texture. But while Treble Boosters have existed since the very beginning of guitar stompboxes they are rarely seen on pedalboards.

     At AMI Effects we have redesigned a 1960s classic, making it a better fit for the modern world. The Sandstone offers more options for tone shaping than its predecessor and is also more reliable. Tonaly we have kept the warmth and texture of the original device that used a single OC44 Germanium transistor, but by using a pair of Silicon transistors in the Sandstone we have managed to subtely widen the frequency response in the low end, reduce the noise and make it more stable. This pedal is our interpretation of what a TB should be today.



  The Sandstone features a Level knob that sets the output volume of the pedal. Push it to drive your amp into distortion.

  The three positions Cap. switch lets you choose between different input capacitor values. The Upward position as the less bass and is reminiscent of a classic Treble Booster. The downward position is almost a full range boost, but the mid range gently comes forward.

  The Mood knob acts like a gain control. Classic TB sounds are located between 1 and 4 o’clock. In this region, it simulates the sound of a germanium transistor with different gain characteristics (Hfe between 80 and 120).

   The Sandstone offers a wider palette of gain with a little bit more on tap if needed, but it can also be tamed to accommodate stronger guitar pickups or to be used as a coloring boost on a clean sound.



Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks.
Power supply : 9V to 18V DC adapter Jack.
Current consumption : 5mA (MAX) approx.
True bypass footswitch and bright amber LED.


Each Sandstone is hand-built with care in France, using only the best quality components, ensuring your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.


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