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   The Silverbell - Responsive Overdrive has a particular dynamic res- ponse inspired by the Attic, our uniquely voiced tube guitar amp in a combo format. We can therefore find its main qualities in the Silverbell: a great responsiveness to the guitar player’s touch and playing dynamics, a very progressive gain control and a subtle balance between sensitivity, warmth and compression. The Silverbell is an overdrive that can sound great with a clean amp, boosting an «edge of breakup» amp with the output knob of the pedal is not particularly needed here although it is also possible.

The Silverbell is a warm sounding pedal with an overall transparent EQ that will keep the overall tonal balance of your amp. It features a Mids lift switch with an adjustable level control to boost the mid frequencies if needed. Some guitar amps have more of a cooped sound and need that extra kick to sound great with overdrives. It can also be used to make your sound cut through the mix.

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     The Silverbell is a very simple pedal to use. On the overdrive side with a blue LED we can find the three controls traditionally found in drive pedals : «drive» controls the input gain, «hicut» adjusts the balance of treble frequencies and «output» sets the output volume. We also find the usual true bypass switch.

     The «mids lift» function on the left side has a green LED and a «level» potentiometer sets the amount of medium frequencies to be added post gain. The mids lift function acts as a mid frequencies potentiometer that can be removed from the circuit with the use of its dedicated footswitch. The mids lift is a useful tool to adjust the pedal's EQ to your amp or to make your guitar be heard more efficiently in a full mix. For simplicity of use of the overall pedal the mid boost can not be used on its own.

     The Silverbell overdrive features two additional tone controls on the inside. Both trimpots can be accessed to by removing the four screws of the back plate with a Phillips screwdriver. «Tightness» adjusts the amount of low end and low mids pre gain and «warmth» reduces the overall amount of treble frequencies at the end of the circuit. You can adjust the trimmers with a small flat head screwdriver. The pedal is factory-set for the most full and transparent sound.

Caracteristics :

Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks.
Power supply : 9V DC adapter Jack.
Current consumption : 10mA (MAX) approx.
True bypass footswitch and bright blue and green LEDs.

Every Silverbell is hand-built with care in France, using only the best quality components available, thus guarantying your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.


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