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What is UMAMI? Is it a clean boost? Is it an overdrive? Well, it certainly can’t be reduced to a single category, but we can ensure you it is packed with a handful of tasty tones!
With a VOLUME, a MASTER, and a 0/10/20 dB attenuation switch, its controls mimic those of prized vintage tube amps and the UMAMI sure behaves like one.
UMAMI can be very transparent, subtely compressed and warm, punchy and raw, fuzzy and singing... Like a spice box for guitarists it is the perfect tool to season your tone!


Every UMAMI is hand-built with care in Paris, France, using only the best quality components available, thus guarantying your pedal will last and withstand the tests of touring.



The UMAMI has 4 potentiometers for preamplification VOLUME, MASTER volume, and a BASS and TREBLE equalisation section. It also features 1 switch ÷ to select the output volume attenuation.
Note : both VOLUME and MASTER controls add their own specific kind of saturation and compression to the sound. Therefore you can dose the amount of one in relation to the other to sculpt your tone. When both these controls are pushed the pedal can stronly amplify the input signal’s volume. The attenuator switch ÷ can then be used to tame the volume if desired. When you choose a low VOLUME and high MASTER kind of setting the pedal is basically a clean boost. The ÷ switch can then be used to generate  a subtle and musical compression.  
Both BASS and TREBLE controls are post-VOLUME controls and pre-MASTER controls (in the circuit of the pedal) like in a tube amp, and so can be used to act on the compression and saturation of this last gain stage. These equalisation controls are both interactive. As an example, increasing the TREBLE can tighten the BASS response.


Input and output : 1/4 inch phone jacks.
Power supply : 9V DC adapter Jack only.
Current consumption : 15mA (MAX) approx.
True bypass footswitch and bright blue LED.


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